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 Positive365 is an online and print magazine devoted to exploring creative lives and the people, places and events that inspire us. We feature compelling photos, original illustrations and beautifully composed stories that capture creativity, inspiration, strength and innovation. Positive365 takes a look at men and women who have chosen to follow paths in life that honor their dreams, fulfill their passions and brings happiness to the lives of others. We are a media company with a heart for others, hope for the future and optimism in the journey.

Our Positive365 transmedia concept isn't following the traditional rules of media. Positive begins life simultaneously as a controlled-circulation print magazine; a rich media website plus a measureable and engaging social media voice. As it turns out, we did not need to break any rules--just embrace the new ones.

The Positive365 Agenda

MAGAZINE: Positive365 magazine features original content that offers insight into some of the most creative and unique minds in America, plus travel pieces that explore fascinating destinations. Each issue includes self-development articles from best-selling authors and educators, profiles of inspiring personalities and gatherings of like-minded individuals whose positive attitudes are infectious.

WEBSITE: positive365.com extends magazine content from our group of talented contributors with videos, podcasts, Positive quotes and blogs that stir and challenge. Articles, rich media and special features are categorized to make it easy for active consumers to find the types of information they are searching for online. Our team believes in the digital world where networks and seach engines dominate. Visibility on a branded, high-quality content website helps sponsors connect with their customers. We post soething positive everyday.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Through Sam's daily search for a positive statement of "truth" since January 1, 2010 @Positive365 has organically grown a base of engaged advocates on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, tumblr, YouTube and other social share sites.

EMAIL: The Positive365 enewsletter offers links to blog posts, published articles and videos. Diversified content includes announcements of upcoming events, issue launches, unique product information, subscription offers and surveys.


Our website is updated regularly, with print editions appearing quarterly. We accept freelance submissions from artists, photographers and writers, and we encourage story ideas from readers and friends. E-mail publisher Sam Wilder (swilder@positivemagazine.com) to share your ideas.

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