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Treasure Hunt Yields Civil Gift

Antique collector finds an old Civil War photo that exceeds monetary value

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Old Civil War soldier ends up being kin

Old Civil War soldier ends up being kin

Genealogy buff and antique collector Roberta Hamper shares the quest of most treasure hunters of stumbling on the big find. She did hit it big, but not in the way she imagined!

While digging through items to sell on eBay, Hamper found a stack of antique photos that she purchased more than 25 years ago. One Civil War photo in particular captured her attention. Tucked behind the photo was a small piece of paper with the scripted name of Jeremiah Fetters.

Hamper’s research for the eBay description led her to uncover that the man in the photograph is from Darke County, Ohio. So is her ancestral family. Hamper’s research also awakened memories of her grandfather mentioning a Grandma Fetters. Is it possible that the Grandma Fetters she remembers in conversation and the man in the photo are somehow connected?  

“After a lot of searches on, the pieces started coming together like a puzzle,” Hamper said. “What are the odds that a random photo of a Union Civil War man would have a family connection?” 

It turns out, they ARE related. In fact, Hamper found Jeremiah Fetters and Martha Fetters picture and marriage certificate alongside stored family heirlooms.

In a random coincidence through a clash antique and ancestry this collector stumbled on a find worth more than cash and invaluable in meaning. 

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