Good Morning Gratitude – James Browning reflects on life and finds new reasons to be thankful.
Hostetler Sculpture – Information about artist David Hostetler.
Think Monahan – Mike Monahan's been thinking... get ready for simple life changing insight-
The Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin’s book and website tracks her test driving studies and theories of how to be happy.
Matthew Kelly – A foundation that is dedicated to helping people to “become the best version of themselves.”
Maira Kalman – Illustrator and author Maira Kalman creates fetching capsules of history that are always humorous and uplifting.
Life Success Seminars – An organization that conducts seminars designed to give people the tools to live their best life with family, friends and businesses.
Greater Good – A voice of compassion, hope and inspiration.


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Beauty and the Bike

Beauty and the Bike

Bikes are simply a few circles and lines, but we can’t help seeing them beautiful photographic subjects. With a team of contributors, we’ve put together some of our favorite bicycle images from travels near and far.

Five Things I Learned from a Pioneering Cancer Geneticist

Five Things I Learned from a Pioneering Cancer Geneticist

Janet Rowley was a brilliant scientist whose work led to life-saving cancer treatments. As her biographer, I learned about her nontraditional approach to research, but she taught me life lessons along the way, too.

Seeking Spirits at the Warehouse on the Canal

Seeking Spirits at the Warehouse on the Canal

When it comes to the paranormal, there are believers and non-believers. The Warehouse on the Canal, like many other haunted places, has its skeptics. Travel writer Anietra Hamper explores the former mortuary in northern Ohio.


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The heart of a radio station

The heart of a radio station

When I was a 20-something radio station employee, my office mate brought me a sweet roll every morning. I had to ask her to stop. My figure wouldn’t stand for it. She called me “sweetie,” and I called her Gail. Twenty-five years later, my friendship with her has endured.

Posted 03/30/14 @ 08:14 PM